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All-you-need food photography training at budget friendly prices. Designed for small food photography business owners ready to become the go-to that every food brand is dying to hire

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If you're done wasting time sifting through hundreds of online courses and want to get all the skills you need to be a stand out food photographer and grow your food photography business... you've found your perfect match.

Food Photography Academy is built to give you all the skills you need to stand out as a food photographer in a saturated market, and give you a roadmap to setting up your profitable food photography business, so you can master your craft, find clients, confidently price yourself, and BOOK more jobs... all with a clear step by step system and tailored support along the way.

Welcome to the food photography membership + mentorship made for small food photography business owners.

Psst: The Academy is closed right now but opening again SOON for new students. Get on the VIP waitlist to be notified as soon as we open, or keep scrolling to find out more!




-Davinia O

I had submitted a photo of blueberry pie which Lauren graciously critiqued for me, but I also emailed the photo to the company that makes the pie along with a pitch for me to refresh their social media photography. They responded, we had a call, and they hired me on the spot! So grateful to Food Photography Academy 🤗

“We had a call, and they hired me on the spot!”



- Alessandra Z

I started my journey in the photography academy a few months ago and I am absolutely thrilled. All the courses are very comprehensive and interesting. The Composition Course helped me a lot to understand how to compose a photograph, where to place my Hero, how to create leading lines, shapes textures, etc. The Business Roadmap gave me all the elements to start my journey as a photographer thanks to the many suggestions starting from how to build the portfolio, how to calculate costs, prices and make proposals.

“The business roadmap gave me all the elements to start my journey as a food photographer.”

You *know* you need to be one step ahead of the crowd with your photography skills, and two steps ahead with your marketing strategies.

In fact, a deep dive into food photography techniques and a clear, effective business plan is your surefire path to standing out in a crowded market and carving your unique niche in the industry.

But WHY is it so overhwleming, and time consuming and... expensive?

I can't read your mind but...

Does any of this sound familiar?

I have worked with hundreds of food photographers like you, and I bet since you're here, the daunting task of mastering food photography techniques and crafting a solid business plan stands in your way...

Let me guess?

#1: You might be stuck not knowing how to continue to uplevel your photos. Things like the composition of your food photo, mastering artificial lighting, editing your images like a pro with ease. But you don’t want to pay for lots of individual courses to get there

#2: You might be experiencing the relentless frustration of going from place to place and course to course with little to no support. You may have bought countless online courses in the past, but they're not getting you the results you want.

#3: You don't have the support and guidance from someone to help you with the business side of things who also has their own successful food photography business.

And all this has probably got you feeling overwhelmed, and worst of all, not achieving your dream of being a sought-after professional food photographer.

But from one self-taught food photographer to another, these are things I can help you fix.

To finally have a clear path to give you the skills you need to excel in every area of food photography

To have a realistic and sustainable business strategy in place, that makes sure you have a profitable pricing strategy (no more guessing) and a plan to reach new clients?

To get live, personal feedback on your images, directly from me on our community live calls every month?

Imagine how it will feel...

foUNDER of Food Photography Academy
Author of "The Complete Guide to Food Photography"

I help food photographers build the businesses they've always dreamed of (without sacrificing their magic) and make *real profit* doing what they love. I've been in the food photography game for over a decade, working with my dream clients and having my photos featured in some pretty well-known foodie spots. And just like you, I started from ground zero — but with perseverance and a whole lot of trial and error, I managed to turn my love for photographing food into a full-blown career. 

Hey, I'm Lauren, And I'm here to Help you make your food photos stand out

Meet Your Teacher

Food Photography Academy


Take a tour of the 4 pillars of the Academy that combine perfectly to supercharge your food photography skills, map out your profitable business roadmap, and give you the shortcuts, systems and support you need - all in ONE place.


Pro Trainings

The Course Library

In these courses, you'll find a wealth of comprehensive video lessons that cover all aspects of food photography.

You'll learn how to master your camera settings, compose and style perfect shots, edit your photos professionally, and even how to run a successful food photography business, ensuring your portfolio is both eye-catching and market-ready.


Business Strategy

The Business Roadmap

In this comprehensive business course, I'll unveil the secret to running a successful food photography business (that actually makes you real $$$). You’ll learn how to pitch and land clients using my expert email templates, price your work appropriately, build a highly converting portfolio, and optimise your client workflow.

The result? You’ll save countless hours writing emails and guessing your pricing every time you pitch a potential client. Instead have your whole system set up so you have everything you need to get a proposal put together in under an hour.


Live Feedback

Monthly Feedback Calls

The Monthly Live Feedback Calls are your perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills and clear your doubts. Hosted each month, these sessions offer direct feedback on your work (which you can submit in advance), accelerating your progress in your creative journey.

Each session provides critical analysis of your work to refine your skills. Includes interactive Q&A time to answer any food photography related questions you have. If you can’t join live, each session is recorded and uploaded to the course platform for easy watching later.



Done for you templates & Resources

Done for you resources and templates designed to help you take action QUICKLY and EASILY. Including:

Printable Composition Guides
Capture One Tethering Overlays
Client Job Pricing Calculator
Business Costs Calculator
Portfolio Planning Guide
Client Email Pitch Templates
Marketing Templates
Lighting Diagrams & Guides

With more templates added regularly...

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The class from Lauren is hands down the best photography course I've ever taken and I feel like I've taken them all. It was the most organized, informative class I've ever taken. She's a natural teacher. A lot of classes are good, but not structured well. It's why teachers go to school to be teachers, there is an art and skill to it. Lauren is a great teacher.

"The Best photography course I've ever taken"




I had so many fantastic learning or ‘a-ha’ moments throughout the course, but the biggest take away for me was the need to craft a narrative around your image before you even pick up the camera. Food Composed unlocked a whole new style for me and has pushed me out of my comfort zone

“I had so many 'aha' moments”

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The Academy is closed right now but opening again *SOON* for new students. Get on the VIP waitlist to be notified as soon as we open. As a VIP list member I'll send you regular food photography tips and tutorials, so there's plenty to keep you busy while you wait!

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