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And just like you, I started from ground zero — but with perseverance and a whole lot of trial and error, I managed to turn my love for photographing food into a full-blown career.

I've been in the food photography game for over a decade, working with my dream clients and having my photos featured in some pretty well-known foodie spots.

I help food photographers build the businesses they've always dreamed of (without sacrificing their magic) and make *real profit* doing what they love.

Hey, I’m Lauren, Your New Photography Coach

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Hey food photographer

you know you need to be one step ahead of the crowd with your photos, and two steps ahead with your marketing strategies

But ugh... I know it feels like a battle to stand out in a jam packed market, and then you need to come up with a rock solid business plan you can rely on to take your food photography full time.

If you find yourself asking: "How can I find my unique style that attracts high paying clients?", or "How do I set a pricing strategy?" or "Can I *really* make a full time business out of food photography?" ...then, you've found your perfect match.

My affordable, practical courses, live support, and effective business strategies will help you master food photography and set up a clear business roadmap, so you can start making *real profit* doing what you love.

The Academy

Your food photography success roadmap

Dive into practical video courses tailored to your needs, get real-time feedback during live sessions, and join a community that's rooting for your success. Together, we'll turn your food photography passion into a thriving business.

Manual Mode Essentials is your 5 day roadmap to learn how to take control of your camera, and start producing the food photography you've been dreaming of with confidence

Steal my secret to stop guessing and learn the *right way* to compose your food images for stand out compositions every time.

free stuff

Here, you'll find video-based courses, live feedback sessions, and a supportive community – all designed to give you the practical, hands-on learning experience you need. With FPA, mastering food photography and building your business has never been easier.

Dive into my free, practical, demo-focused tutorials, designed to empower your creativity. It's hands-on learning that's fun and accessible. Consider this your first step in transforming your food photography, one tutorial at a time




-Davinia O

I had submitted a photo of blueberry pie which Lauren graciously critiqued for me, but I also emailed the photo to the company that makes the pie along with a pitch for me to refresh their social media photography. They responded, we had a call, and they hired me on the spot! So grateful to Food Photography Academy 🤗

“We had a call, and they hired me on the spot!”



- Alessandra Z

I started my journey in the photography academy a few months ago and I am absolutely thrilled. All the courses are very comprehensive and interesting. The Composition Course helped me a lot to understand how to compose a photograph, where to place my Hero, how to create leading lines, shapes textures, etc. The Business Roadmap gave me all the elements to start my journey as a photographer thanks to the many suggestions starting from how to build the portfolio, how to calculate costs, prices and make proposals.

“The business roadmap gave me all the elements to start my journey as a food photographer.”

Essential Food Photography Gear List

Stuck on choosing the right gear for your food photography? That's an easy fix!

Hit the button below to download the guide that’ll help you navigate through the maze of photography equipment, providing clear recommendations for both beginner and pro-level food photographers