Artificial Light Gear List for Food Photography

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Food Photography Artificial Light Gear List

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Get started with artificial light today!

In this guide, I'm sharing everything you need to get started with continuous artificial light, so you can get started as quickly as possible.

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Want to shoot with artificial light?

Lauren Short - Food Photographer and Educator

Want to shoot with artificial light?

Artificial light can be overwhelming when you first start out, but it's got a bad rep for no reason. This guide will help you embrace artificial light and experience all the wonderful ways it can expand your food photography portfolio!

Here's What You'll Get in the Artificial Light Gear List

My Top Gear Recommendations

In this guide, I'm sharing all my favourite options for continuous lights, soft boxes and stands.

US and UK/Europe Options

Whether you live in the US or in the UK/Europe, I've got recommendations for you! This guide contains options that will be readily available for you based on where you live.

Links to purchase

See something you like? All of the gear recommendations in this guide are clickable, so you can easily purchase whatever you need!

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Shooting artificial absolutely turned my career around, and I know it will do the same for you, too. Get started with all the essential gear to shoot artificial light today!

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Lighting Gear Recommendations

Advance Your Photography Career with Artificial Light

You want to be able to confidently shoot with artificial light to offer your clients the most comprehensive service possible, right? Well, continuous light is a great place to start! This gear list will give you everything you need to begin. 

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Do you want to stop guessing how to shoot artificial light? Are you ready to know exactly what you need to get started? Then download your free gear list today!