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two bowls filled with food sit among lime and lemon halves

Food Photography Composition Tips for Beginners: The Rule of Thirds

When thinking about food photography composition tips and food styling, it’s part creativity, part logic. I like that. It means you don’t have to guess what makes a good food photo, there are some rules to help you. The rule of thirds is one of the best techniques to get started. You may have already […]

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Chocolate Photography Tips Featured Image

Chocolate Photography Tips (and other Brown Foods)

Brown food is notoriously one of the most tricky food styling challenges any food photographer will face. Whether it’s chocolate photography, baking photography, meat photography, we all wonder why the most tasty food is the hardest to capture well. In this post, I’m breaking down my favourite chocolate photography tips (along with other pesky brown […]

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Food Photography Composition Techniques - Featured Image

Food Photography Composition Techniques to Improve your Photos

When you think of great food photography, the immediate things that come to mind are great colour, creativity, beautiful lighting and ultimately, great images… but in today’s post we’re going to take it back a step, and look and focus on some of the best food photography composition tips. It is important to remember that […]



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