Food Photography Optimization Checklist

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Food Photography Web Optimization Checklist

Food Photography Image Optimization for the Web Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your image optimization is on point!

Here are all the essential steps when exporting, uploading and optimizing your food photos for the web.

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Want my web optimization checklist?

Lauren Short - Food Photographer and Educator

Want my web optimization checklist?

Did you know that image optimization is important for SEO purposes? In this free checklist, I'm sharing the steps I take to ensure my food photos are perfectly optimized for the web. If these steps are implemented consistently, they'll help you achieve exponential traffic growth to your food blog!

Here's What You'll Get in the Optimization Checklist

Exporting guide

Export your food photos from Lightroom with the best settings for web optimization!

Photo Names

I'll explain how to name your photos to make them extra SEO-friendly!

Printable checklist

Make sure you don't miss any essential optimization steps by printing out this checklist and marking off all the steps for yourself.

Want the free checklist?

Start optimizing your images for the web and see your website traffic increase!

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Steps to Optimize Your Photos for the Web

Image Optimization Needn't be a Mystery

If you're unsure of what steps you to take when exporting your photos from Lightroom and uploading them to your blog or portfolio, this checklist is for you! It will take out all the guess-work and make photo optimization an easy, simple process.

Get your free Image Optimization Checklist now!

Use this checklist to know EXACTLY how to optimize your photos for the web and stop wasting time on unnecessary steps!