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Photoshop Composites Guide

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Learn how to create composites step-by-step

Did you know you can create busy photos using just your own hands? You can with Photoshop!

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Want to learn Photoshop composites?

Lauren Short - Food Photographer and Educator

Want to learn Photoshop composites?

In this step-by-step guide, I’m showing you exactly how to add the effect of many pairs of hands in a photo, when you only have your own hands available. The secret: Photoshop Composites! You'll learn how to best prepare and set up your shoot to work for composites, and then I'll walk you through the entire editing process in Photoshop.

Here's What You'll Get in the Photoshop Composites Guide


I'll show you how to set up your equipment, lighting, camera settings, food and props, so that all your photos look identical, other than the different hand positions.

Edit in lightroom

Next, you'll learn how to easily apply the same edits to all your photos in Lightroom, so they're ready to be combined into a composite.

guide to photoshop layers

The final step is to use Photoshop layers on your photos. Here's everything you need to know about Photoshop layers, tools, and keyboard shortcuts to create composites!

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Don't let Photoshop overwhelm you any longer, and start using composites to create photos you love!

a sample of what's inside...

Photo Shoot Set Up Walkthrough
Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
Photoshop Layers Walkthrough

Photoshop Needn't be Daunting

If you're working on your food photography shoots solo, but still want to add in the effect of several pairs of hands in your shots, Photoshop is your answer! Don't let the process of composites scare you. This guide breaks everything down in easy-to-follow steps!

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